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Pictures from Exmouth beach – November 2021

Hi everyone.

So we are back in Bristol again for about 10 days at the start of December to finish some more work on the van and do so paid work.

During our last trip we spent some more time down at Exmouth.  We all love the coastal walks and dog-friendly beach where we can all spent time together as a family, soaking up the natural environment and teaching Poppy about the local geology (Exmouth is the end of the World Famous ‘Jurassic Coast’ and part of the World Heritage Site).

Below you’ll see some of our pictures from Exmouth beach.

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Pictures from Exmouth Beach and Orcombe Point

Fun at Exmouth Beach - November 2021

Cold but sunny on Exmouth beach - Farrell Family Adventures

Cold but sunny on Exmouth beach – late November 2021.  We spent a couple of nights parked up on Exmouth seafront with about 10 other campervans and motorhomes.

Views over Exmouth bay from Orcombe Point - Farrell Family Adventures

View towards Sandy Bay - Farrell Family Adventures

Don't look down - Farrell Family Adventures

Beautiful views across the beach at Exmouth Bay - Farrell Family Adventures

Lovely views across Exmouth Bay and looking towards Sandy bay at Orcombe Point.  Exmouth forms one end of the world famous ‘Jurassic Coast’ and provides stunning views wherever your look.

Geoneedle at Orcombe Point - Farrell Family Adventures

Having lunch at the Geoneedle - Farrell Family Adventures

Lunchtime at the GeoNeedle at Orcombe Point.  The GeoNeedle documents and explains the unique geology of the Jurassic Coast and is a great place to employ ‘Natures Classroom’ to teach Poppy about the world around her and to explain how the cliffs below us have been formed and how they can help to teach us about the different geology periods that have gone before us.

beach fun - Farrell Family Adventures

family fun at the beach - Farrell Family Adventures

Poppy loves climbing so these rocks on Exmouth Beach were never going to pose to much of a problem – Getting the adults to the top, now that was more of a challenge!  November 2021.

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