Vanlife by Farrell Family Adventures

Follow our journey as we go from the traditional 9-5 lifestyle, to full-time vanlife, living and exploring in our tiny home on wheels.

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What is vanlife?  Can you really live fulltime in a tiny van? Is it all champagne and sunsets like you see on Instagram and facebook?  We're constantly asked these and many more questions by the people we meet as we travel around.  So, here is our guide to full-time vanlife - the good, the bad and the ugly!

To help you find what you are looking for, we have grouped our articles and stories into the following catergories :

Our Journey - How we got to this point in our lives, our ethos for life and our hopes for the future.
Van Conversion - Everything we did (and learnt) as we converted our van ready to live in.
Vanlife Essentials - Information on all the gadgets and items we can't live without - and a few things we realised we no longer need!
Money - Information on how we earn money whilst travelling, how we budget and what we spend our money on.

Our Journey - Farrell Family Adventures

Our story in our own words.  From selling our house to becoming vanlifers - its all here for you to discover.

Van Conversion | Full time Vanlife

Follow our van conversion story from buying a van to the finished conversion.

Vanlife Essentials

Some things you just can't live without!  See what makes our 'must have' list of essential items.

Vanlife and Money

The one question everyone wants to ask - how do you earn money whilst living in a van?