Our Journey

Our journey into Vanlife - Farrell Family Adventures

How did we get here?  What happened to make us leave the regular 9-5 and try something completely different?

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Life can be completely unpredictable at times, leading us in directions we could never have foreseen!  If someone had said to us in 2018, that the world would come to a stop due to a global pandemic, we would have said they'd been reading too many sci-fi books.  Likewise, if someone had said that just a couple of years later, we would have closed our successful childcare business and sold our bricks and mortar home - to live fulltime in a campervan - we would have laughed and called them crazy.  Yet here we are, living and travelling fulltime in a van with our youngest daughter.

So how did we get here?  And what are our plans for the future.

The articles below will answer these, and many other questions, as we continue our journey of discovery.