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This is our list of everything we can't live without, and a few things we definately can!

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Everyone loves a gadget.  Our homes, and vans, are full of them.  Companies make £millions out of convincing us that we can't live without their latest product.  But how many times have we bought something we thought would be brilliant, only for it to never see the light of day, stuffed in a cupboard or garage somewhere.  That's bad enough when you live in a house, but when you live in a van, where space is definately at a premium (not to mention the environmental impact on our planet), you need to know that the gadgets you pack are worth having.  That's why we have spent a lot of time reading reviews and testing products before we commit to buying them.  Along the way we've found products we now can't live without (TomTom SatNav for one), and a few we definately can leave behind.

So, read on below for our list of vanlife essentials that we simply can't do without.

Vanlife Essentials - Only the best of the best make our must have list!



Overrated and Overpriced - These can definately stay on the shelf!