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The one question everyone always asks - How do you live without jobs....?  Read on to find out more....

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OK, lets be honest - it's the one question everyone wants to ask when they find out about our lifestyle choices - how do you make money if you don't have regular jobs?  It's also the one subject that (some) friends and family use to bash us with - 'Where's your magic money tree?  What's the secret to living without money?  Have you won the lottery or something?'  The answer is pretty boring actually.  We don't have a magic money tree (and if we did we won't tell anyone), we haven't won the lottery and yes, we still need to earn money to live.  What we have discovered is a different way to approach life, a lifestyle that values time over material objects, that champions simplicity and a slower pace of live.

If this way of life sounds enticing, and you'd like to learn more, please read our articles below.
(Spoiler alert - making money on the road is time consuming and hard work - just like in every other walk of life.  We won't be giving away all our secrets or selling you a get rich quick idea!)

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